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Our members are what make the Australian Wind Alliance the strong advocate it is. Our members come from all walks of life, we're farmers, small business owners, renewable energy workers and people who just love powering the country from the wind and sun.

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Jonathan Upson
Kane Roberts
Peter Fraser
Ben Purcell
Andrew Bray
John Coulter
Peter Dreher
simon holmes à court
Sarah Durrant
Neil Rankine
Helen Rainger
Neil Weston
Dimity Taylor
Moira Sharp
Julian Viola
Richard Bell
Kylie Willows
Anthony Reeves
Bilal Khan
Susan Robinson
Lorraine Bull
Matthew Curry
Taryn Lane
Luke Osborne
Tony Goodfellow
Richard Mackie
Jonathan Upson
Peter Dreher
simon holmes à court
Neil Weston
Who's donating: from Melbourne, Australia donated. Thank you!
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