Who we are

The Australian Wind Alliance brings together communities, businesses and individuals who support more wind energy for Australia. We share a common vision of harnessing Australia’s world-class wind resources to power our homes, cities and industries with clean, renewable power.

Our staff and management committee work with supporters and wind communities to realise more better outcomes for wind energy and regional communities in Australia.

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Member Snapshots

Troy Beaston

Troy is the General Manager and a second-generation operator of Eureka Concrete. Eureka has experience in the production of quality concrete to wind turbine projects for over five years. Each project creates work directly and indirectly to over 1000 people while construction build is in process.”

Trinidad Diaz

Trini is a Coatings Inspector with Keppel Prince Engineering, an Australian Manufacturer of Wind Tower Sections, managing the quality requirements of Surface Treatment to completion. She has a strong belief that wind towers play an essential role in a cleaner future.

Linda Cavanagh

Linda is a local grazier and host of the prospective Rye Park Wind Farm. She has worked hard to rally supporters and encourage them to speak up in support of the project and is excited about the boost to the local economy. Linda is passionate about renewable energy and can’t wait for the turbines to spin at Rye Park to progress the region as a stable clean energy contributor in NSW.


Our staff are based in regional NSW, and are passionate about seeing regional Australia benefit from more renewable energy projects.

Matthew Curry

Communications Coordinator

Matt has journeyed around the country campaigning for climate action and renewable energy. His experience includes several state and federal elections - including campaigning, organising and creating cutting communications for the #StopAdani movement. Based in Brisbane, Matt is driven by the need for a transition to renewable energy. He finds hope in hearing the stories of people benefitting from wind energy; stories of drought-proof income for farmers; of jobs and investment for communities; and of clean energy for a climate-vulnerable country. These are the stories he hopes to amplify.

Tony Goodfellow

Victorian Community Organiser

Tony comes from Ballarat, Victoria where he lives with his young family. Tony has extensive experience in advocacy, community education and engagement experience throughout Australia and is passionate about action on climate change and championing wind energy. He is currently conducting research at University of Melbourne and has previously obtained a Bachelor of Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies with Honours in Sociology from University of Tasmania. His side passion is beekeeping which saw him spend time in the Northern Territory, assisting the Thamarrurr Rangers experiment with Australian stingless beekeeping.

Charlie Prell

NSW Community Organiser

Charlie Prell is a fourth-generation family farmer from Crookwell in NSW and is a committed member of his local community. He is passionate about farming, including wind farms. Charlie is now a wind farm host, since construction of Crookwell II began in 2017. He has been championing wind farms and the potential benefits they can bring to regional communities for many years and is a strong advocate of benefit sharing.

Andrew Bray

National Coordinator

Andrew came on board in 2013 after working on the 100% Renewable Campaign, building skills and leadership in local communities supporting renewable energy. Based in one of New South Wales' prime wind districts, the Southern Tablelands, Andrew is passionate about the contribution wind power can make to the local economy while helping Australia transition to cleaner energy.

Management Committee

The Management Committee is made up of a diverse group of people who generously give their time to govern and guide the work of the Australian Wind Alliance. The members bring to the organisation a wide range of skill, expertise and experience.

Dimity Taylor

Dimity is a Physio, farmer and mother, who just happens to live very contentedly next door to a wind farm.  She sleeps well and finds the turbines an aesthetic bonus to her landscape.  Dimity is passionate about supporting other people in wind communities to navigate the fear-mongering around wind farms so they too can enjoy co-locating with these magnificent structures.  Dimity has experienced the benefits a wind farm has brought to her community and would like others to be able to enjoy similar benefits.

Richard Mackie


Richard is one of the most experienced people in the Australian wind industry, having worked in the industry since 1994 as a project and business development manager. Richard agreed to give his time to be Treasurer of AWA because he believes Australia is missing out on great benefits in regional areas. Richard has a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and an engineering Masters degree and an eMBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management. He is currently the Managing Director of Advanced Energy Consulting.

Luke Osborne

Luke has been a leading voice in the wind energy industry for over a decade. He entered the industry as a landholder and subsequently played a leading role in the growth of wind energy company Windlab. He advocates strongly for improved wind energy development models and more inclusivity of neighbouring landholders in wind farm development.

Luke now works at Reposit, seeking to employ home batteries en masse in the wholesale energy markets. This technology allows wind and solar to work in a complementary fashion to deliver affordable and reliable power.

Taryn Lane

Taryn is the Manager at Hepburn Wind, Australia’s first community-owned wind farm and a director of the Coalition for Community Energy. She also undertakes research, policy development and advisory work for industry. She has extensive local and international community development experience.

Peter Dreher

Peter is a corporate and projects Partner at HWL Ebsworth Lawyers and leads the firm's National Renewable Energy Group.

Peter has been a lawyer in the renewables sector since 1999 and has advised in over 50 renewable energy projects in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. Most of these projects were in wind energy. His expertise is in corporate, commercial and construction and electricity law.

Jonathan Upson

Jonathan is a senior manager with over 14 years experience in the renewable energy industry. He has worked in a variety of roles, including Project Development, Government Affairs and Energy Markets.

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