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Wind farm proposal progressing but anti-wind laws still jeopardising regional economies

The Victorian Wind Alliance today welcomed the announcement that the proposed Willatook wind farm in south west Victoria was progressing through early development stages.

The wind farm is expected to see up to 100 powerful three-megawatt-plus turbines installed, negating the need for more towers.

VicWind state coordinator Andrew Bray said he was glad to see work on the project proceeding.

“While the development of the wind farm is still a way off, it’s still great to see things progressing particularly the introduction of these much more powerful wind turbines,” Mr Bray said.

“This new improved technology reduces the impact on a wind farm area, as we have seen with the Willatook proposal, with less turbines required to generate the same amount of power.

“The interest shown by many farmers in the area just highlights the strong community support for wind farms, not only in the Willatook area but across Victoria.”

However Mr Bray expressed concern that the state anti-wind laws introduced by former Premier Ted Baillieu are continuing to restrict development and put enormous pressure on the wind industry.

“These restrictive laws are putting farmers’ livelihoods and the local economy at risk,” Mr Bray said.

“We need rational planning laws and stable policies from governments and for wind developers to commit to maximising local jobs. 

“Victoria needs investment in clean wind energy, to protect and improve our local environment and make our contribution to protecting the global environment.

“Wind power provides jobs in manufacturing, construction and maintenance.

“It provides investment in regional communities and it provides reliable incomes to farmers who host wind turbines on their property,” Mr Bray said.

VicWind brings together communities, businesses and individuals in Victoria who support more wind energy for our state.

MEDIA: Victorian Wind Alliance spokesperson Andrew Bray is available for comment on 0434 769 463.

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