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What you think we should do

Our alliance of Victorians is passionate about cutting emissions with renewable wind energy, communicating wind facts to the public, and keeping the Renewable Energy Target.

These were the main things you told us you cared about during our snap survey of online supporters last month. A big thank you to the 106 people who responded. It’s a great way for us to make sure we’re keeping in touch with where our supporters are at.

So to cut emissions now and tell people what's really happening with wind, we're focusing our efforts on the Renewable Energy Target, currently under review by the federal government. The RET is the policy mechanism wind communities across Australia need right now. Without renewable goals for the market to strive for, there would be no demand to build new wind farms.

This is how two of our respondents summed it up:

“Get grassroots support for the Renewable Energy Target, and make sure the Federal Government is aware of that support.”

“‘Drown out’ the publicity of the minority of those who make a noise against the industry (no pun intended) with the perspectives of 80% of the community who are ‘on board’ in support of wind energy.”


Who are our supporters?

The people who responded to our call for feedback were wind workers (one third of you), people who do not earn an income from the wind industry but believe wind energy is good for the environment and local economies (another third), and wind farm hosts and neighbours, plus those who believe wind energy is an important economic driver for regional areas (the rest of you).

Because we know many of you outside the online world, we also know that you are or have been Real Estate Agents, team sports players, IT people, OH&S consultants, local business advocates, shark fishers, solar installers, digital graphic artists, authors, mad-keen surfers, local environmental activists, teachers, farmers, administrators, gardeners, and local councillors.

A wonderful diversity of wind supporters!

We’d love to become even more diverse and we know that people are more convinced by what they learn from within their personal circles. So go ahead and share your news and views with your networks of friends and family.



And what’s your connection to VicWind?

Just over half the respondents are supporters, who receive regular wind news through VicWind’s active Facebook page or enewsletters.

The other half are members, whose membership fees help resource our campaign. With nearly 400 members now, this also adds credibility to our campaigns when we are writing to politicians, making submissions to enquiries and writing for newspapers. Our current 3,800 Facebook “Likes” are fantastic, but people who have taken the time to register their names and have forked out cash to support a cause demonstrate a stronger commitment to the cause.

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How do you want to support the cause?

Plaster the place with stickers, it appears! We’ll be getting bumper stickers made up very soon for you to display yourselves, use as merchandise at public events or even give as a gift!

(If you have an original sticker slogan idea, get it to us as soon as possible and we’ll reward you with a years’ free membership (on top of any current memberships) as thanks if we decide to use it.)

But more importantly, there were plenty of you who’ve offered to get more involved. We’ll be contacting you soon to get these activities under way.

Didn’t have your say during our snap poll? Drop us an email at

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