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VicWind calls on both parties to commit to increasing the renewable energy target to reduce costs of power for families


Friday 9 August 2013                                                     

The Victorian Wind Alliance has called on both major parties to commit to increasing the Renewable Energy Target after new research revealed that building new wind farms and large scale solar would slash the cost of power to consumers by $1.3 billion.

The Australian Financial Review today reported on new the research by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

BNEF’s research found that wholesale electricity prices will rise if cuts are made to the Renewable Energy Target (RET) after the election. This will add $1.3 billion in costs, which will flow on to the power bills of Australian families.

Andrew Bray, Victorian Wind Alliance spokesperson, said not enough attention during the election had been given to how to drive wind energy, despite the overwhelming majority of Australians wanting more renewable energy.

“People now have the information to understand that when you build more wind farms, you benefit the entire community through lower power prices,” Mr Bray said.

“This new research shows there are so many more benefits to renewable energy than simply a cleaner environment.

“Our national poll in April showed overwhelming support for renewable energy - only 2% of Australians who were polled oppose renewables.

“We know that regional communities are crying out for the investment, income and jobs that come with wind farms.

“Once Australians discover that they can do the right thing for our environment and reduce their bills at the same time, communities will push even harder to host wind farms.

"In the seat of Ballarat, VicWind is calling on Catherine King to give her public support for the RET before the election.

“When it comes to wind power, this is going to require leadership. We need our political leaders to calmly assess all the benefits of wind farms and look to how we can maximise them.”

The Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) research was reported in the Australian Financial Review today (page 8). BNEF is an international business information service, providing data, news and analysis on clean energy.


VicWind brings together communities, businesses and individuals in Victoria who support more wind energy for our state.

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