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The dangers of misinformation on wind jobs, income and investment

Sometimes newspaper articles on wind energy are really just a bit silly. This one from The Australian is a perfect example -

So silly, in fact, that we felt we needed to right the record.

(another excellent rejoinder can be found on Ketan Joshi's blog -


NASA_Mod_1_wind_turbine.jpgThe Victorian Wind Alliance has warned about dangerous misinformation campaigns that could damage the reputation of wind energy and called for leadership from our politicians to ensure jobs, regional investment and income for farmers is protected.

Andrew Bray the Alliance’s spokesman said that there was a dangerous level of misinformation about wind and that this could have huge economic and social impacts on regional Victorian communities.

“VicWind is dedicated to enhancing the local Victorian and global environments, through the rational use of clean wind energy.

“We urge people to be very dubious and cautious of accepting the claims of the professional anti-wind lobby, that wind turbines have  secret and terrible health impacts.

“Countless studies have concluded that there’s no evidence that wind turbines result in sickness, while there’s some evidence that people’s anxiety levels are raised as a result of the misinformation that comes with anti-wind campaigns.

“Today we have seen more misinformation put out by the anti-wind lobby who are only concerned with ensuring that people employed in the wind industry lose their jobs, regional communities are denied income and that farmers are denied the opportunity for a certain, regular income from their properties.

“We need proper political leadership to ensure that these misinformation campaigns are not damaging to our regional economies – where the potential for benefits from the wind industry are considerable.

“In the past week, we’ve seen Keppel Prince access a $50 million dollar job to build wind farms – which will employ hundreds of people over the next few years.

“However, all these jobs are at risk from a campaign that seeks to malign and discredit a valid, viable and beneficial industry.

“It’s disgraceful that people are running around the country spruiking misinformation.

“We accept that people are entitled to their opinion but what they’re not entitled to however are their own facts.

“We call on all political leaders to back the views of the vast majority of Australians who would like to see a wind industry in Australia, through increasing the Renewable Energy Target at a national level.

“We also call on leaders in Victoria to show further leadership and remove Baillieu’s anti-wind laws which are killing investment in wind energy  in Victoria and making this state lose out to others.

“These very laws are based on the spurious claims of anti-wind campaigners and are a clear sign of what goes wrong when we listen to people who base their arguments on fear and in opposition to the majority of the scientific consensus and the views of the community.

“Let’s be very clear – wind farms are not only safe, they create jobs, draw investment into regional communities and provide income for local people. 

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