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States step in when Feds fail

Lily_DAmbrosio.jpgA new Victorian Renewable Energy Target push has been welcomed by the Australian Wind Alliance as the latest sign that state governments are prepared to step up on renewable energy if their federal colleagues aren't.

“Andrews government ministers, like many Australians, are fed up waiting for the Federal Government to start protecting, not destroying renewables. This was made clear at a recent meeting of state and territory leaders, and is being made clear by supporters of the Australian Wind Alliance,” said South West Victorian AWA organiser Angela McFeeters.

“300 wind alliance supporters took the time to tell Federal Ministers Ian Macfarlane and Greg Hunt they didn’t want any more RET reviews in personal emails over just 24 hours earlier this week.

“While a Federal target is the ideal means of achieving stronger renewables, other jurisdictions are increasingly cynical that the Federal government are genuine about growing this energy of the future.

"Even now that federal agreement has been reached on cut to a 33,000 gigawatt hour by 2020 target, if states want to get all the projects going in their state that they can, we certainly welcome that too.

Victoria is keen to see a RET of at least 20 per cent there, the new Queensland government  wants to encourage solar growth and may initiate a reverse auction for 40MW of renewable energy, and New South Wales is beginning to show some initiative in ending planning deadlock that has stalled wind farm growth there in recent years.”

“The ACT government has already kicked off renewables growth for 2015 by completing its reverse auction, and South Australia has had strong wind farm growth for many years now, and achieved 33 per cent renewables generation in 2013-14.

“We will be bringing our supporters’ more ambitious renewables aspirations to parties in the lead up to the 2016 Federal Election.”

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