Charlie Prell - NSW Organiser

Charlie Prell is a fourth-generation family farmer from Crookwell in NSW and is a committed member of his local community. He is passionate about farming, including wind farms. Charlie is now a wind farm host, since construction of Crookwell II began in 2017. He has been championing wind farms and the potential benefits they can bring to regional communities for many years and is a strong advocate of benefit sharing.

Siobhan Isherwood - Communications Coordinator

Siobhan joined the team to help shape the way the Australian Wind Alliance communicates and advocates for wind energy. She is passionate about leaving the world in a better state for future generations and sees wind energy as a vital part of that picture. Siobhan previously worked in NSW undertaking wind farm planning and development and managing managing community engagement across a number of projects. She holds a bachelor of environmental science.

Andrew Bray - National Coordinator

Andrew came on board in 2013 after working on the 100% Renewable Campaign, building skills and leadership in local communities supporting renewable energy. Based in one of New South Wales' prime wind districts, the Southern Tablelands, Andrew is passionate about the contribution wind power can make to the local economy while helping Australia transition to cleaner energy.