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Send Denis Napthine to the movies

Marie Loader - WaubraWe were pretty excited to see the video interviews with community members from the Western Victorian town of Waubra. After four years of living with a wind farm, these people have clearly embraced wind energy and the benefits it has brought to their town.

These videos have the power to change politicians’ views of what it’s actually like to live with wind farms.

So we decided to send a copy to Denis Napthine and every politician in Victorian parliament.

Here's a copy of the letter we sent to Dr Napthine and Victorian MPs.

Can you make the message a little louder and contact the Premier yourself?

  1. If you haven’t already, set aside a moment to watch the video. You’ll be inspired!

  2. Write a short email to The Premier, Denis Napthine -, telling him:

    1. why you think wind energy is a good thing for Victoria

    2. ask him to find a moment to watch the video too -

    3. Ask him to fix Victoria’s anti-wind laws to get wind development moving again.

  3. cc the email to:

    1. Planning Minister, Matthew Guy (

    2. Deputy Premier, Peter Ryan (

    3. your local state MP ( and enter your postcode)

  4. forward a copy of your email to us at


The more our politicians hear from us about our support for wind, the more they’ll believe their polls that continue to show just how popular wind energy is.

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