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Queensland to become new frontier for wind energy

Wind power in Queensland could grow 100 times its current size by 2030 after an expert panel declared the state’s renewable energy plans are realistic and achievable. 

The Queensland Renewable Energy Expert Panel reports the state’s power base could be transformed to include 50 per cent renewables within 15 years at little cost to Queenslanders, and create thousands of jobs in the process.

Australian Wind Alliance national co-ordinator Andrew Bray says it's great news for Queensland, which hasn’t traditionally been considered a wind state.  

“Today’s report could set off a wind rush in Queensland. It highlights the extraordinary opportunities for new wind energy jobs in the Sunshine State,” Mr Bray said. 

“There is currently just 13MW of wind built in Queensland. While there’s another 630 MW in the development pipeline, today’s report shows investment in wind could skyrocket as the state moves to clean up its energy system.”  

Mr Bray says the State Government should be applauded for listening to Queenslanders who have been very clear that they want more renewable energy in their state.

“Queensland is being both smart and responsible. Renewable energy is booming in countries across the world and Australia shouldn’t miss out on the benefits.

“On top of all this, Queensland is prepared and ready for a wind windfall having finalised and set a clear planning and assessment process for new or expanded wind farms.”

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