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Proposed cut to NSW wind farm puts development at risk

The NSW Government’s advice to slash the number of turbines at the proposed Rye Park Wind Farm prioritises aesthetics before regional jobs, the Australian Wind Alliance says. 

The NSW Planning Department has today advised that the wind farm north of Yass should have just 84 turbines – or 25 fewer than what’s been proposed – because of concerns about how the project will look.  

In its submission to the Planning Commission the Department said reducing the size of the wind farm would "maintain the rural character of the local village". 

Australian Wind Alliance national co-ordinator Andrew Bray said building clean energy projects in regional NSW that drive new investment and jobs should be the priority, not aesthetics.  

“Focusing on how wind farms look and ignoring what they do for the state is poor planning," Mr Bray said.

"This wind farm promises to employ 370 people in construction and pump $49 million into the local economy in its current form. Why put all that at risk because the project may impact some peoples' views?

"Cutting the number of turbines by 25 will cut $62,500 from the community enhancement fund each year while farmers will miss out on $375,000 a year. 


“The project has already been reduced from 126 turbines to 109 to address environmental and amenity concerns while maintaining the viability of the project."

Mr Bray said the state’s electricity system is outdated and in dire need of a reboot, as last month’s near-blackout showed.   

“It doesn’t make sense to severely limit the amount of clean energy this wind farm can produce at a time when we need more clean energy to replace the country’s ageing, dirty coal-fired power stations. The 25 turbines the Department is proposing to cut would power 30,000 additional homes.”

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