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Premier Napthine backs the wrong horse with gas in RET

Napthine_horse.jpgDeclarations of support from the Victorian government for the Renewable Energy Target are undercut by its argument that gas-fired power be included in the scheme, Australian Wind Alliance said today.

Australian Wind Alliance is a community-based advocacy group with over 8000 wind supporters across the country. Our 400 financial members cover farmers, wind workers, small businesses and community members.

“While we’re pleased with the Premier’s declarations of support for the target, it’s hard to square this with the inclusion of gas-fired power in a scheme designed for renewable energy,” said Andrew Bray, National Coordinator for the Australian Wind Alliance.

“This proposal would see less wind farms built in South West Victoria and significant job losses in Portland. It clearly puts the interests of gas companies above those of regional communities in the South West.

“Gas is not a renewable resource and its price is set to triple by 2020. Why is the Victorian government promoting it?

“This proposal would push up power bills as more expensive gas-fired power in the system would push up the wholesale price of power.

“This submission is heading in the wrong direction as the price of wind and solar is coming down all the time while the price of gas is rising sharply.

“The way to stabilise power bills and support wind tower manufacturing jobs in Portland is to support the Renewable Energy as it stands. Including gas in the target will do the opposite,” concluded Mr Bray.

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