Australian Wind Alliance

Portland members enthusiastic


Merle_and_Bob_Menzel_Danny_Halstead_and_Wayne_Barrett.JPGWind energy is bringing benefits to small business and farmers, but there’s far more potential to be shared with others, a dinner of VicWind members in Portland concluded last week.

The group of 15 wind supporters met in a local hotel to discuss their passion for wind energy and how they felt they could drive its growth forward.

The wind workers, small business owners, current and future wind farmers and renewable energy advocates from the area wanted more people to feel proud and passionate about the wind energy sector and the benefits it brought to the world.

Federal and state government policies were holding the industry back, they said. The group drew up a plan of action for the future and agreed to meet again soon.

Look out for VicWind at Portland community events in the coming months.

You can join VicWind today, too.

Call Andrew on 0434 769 463 if you are interested in having an event in your area.

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