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Portland festival brings children out

VicWind_stall_Portland_Upwelling_Fest_20131102_mother_and_daughter_at_stall.JPGChildren of all ages had fun finding out how wind turbines harness the wind at VicWind’s Portland Upwelling Festival stall on November 2.

They were ably assisted by six helpful VicWind members and the childrens’ family members, who supported them to produce many colourful, innovative or simply speedy designs.

Younger children also produced some fantastic colour-ins, with all participants in both pursuits being entered into a lucky draw to win one of two educational books.

The success of the stall would not have been possible without the quick-thinking support of the team from Ballarat-based Earth Sciences educators Earth Ed, who loaned us wind turbine equipment, and Portland SES, who helped us produce electricity to power our wind-generating fans that got the turbines spinning, and keep their display computer going.

Thanks also go to enthusiastic volunteers Daryl from Hamilton, Ian, Wayne and Merle from Portland and Hamish from Macarthur.

It will be hard to top this year’s success at next year’s festival. If you any ideas for giveaways or children’s activities we’d love to hear them. Email us at and tell us.

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