Australian Wind Alliance

PM's comments on renewables a fact-free zone

THE Australian Wind Alliance has called on the Prime Minister to halt his renewables scare campaign, labelling his comments today on renewables as a “fact-free zone.”

The Prime Minister today made the extraordinary and misleading claim that sourcing 50% of Australia's power for renewables would cost consumers 60 billion dollars.

"The Prime Minister's soundbites on renewable energy tend to be misleading but this takes it to another level," National Co-ordinator Andrew Bray said.

"He's got the wrong end of the stick, again. Renewable energy reduces electricity bills and increases jobs. Australians want more renewable energy, not less.

"The government's own Warburton review said that the Renewable Energy Target led to a wealth transfer to consumers and renewables and away from coal.

"The reason countries all over the world are installing renewable energy at record rates is because the price of renewables has fallen so steeply.

"By 2020, almost half of Australia's power stations will be 40 years old and 15% of them will be 50 years old.

"Our energy system needs to be updated and we need a mature discussion about how Australia manages our transition to clean energy, not knee-jerk political point scoring.

"We call on Mr Abbott to have a much more responsible conversation that respects the Australian public."

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  • commented 2015-08-18 09:52:09 +1000
    Mr Abbott has NO respect for the Australian public. He loves coal and nothing else.