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Palmer’s thumbs up for Renewable Energy shows the RET’s broad appeal

MARCH 20th UPDATE: Clive Palmer decided 24 hours into his new policy that the Renewable Energy Target shouldn't be a mandatory requirement as it currently is. That pins the success of the RET to the goodwill of Origin Energy and other fossil fuel generators. Good luck with that.

It was a disappointing move after the clear note of support sounded the previous day for Mr Wang, PUP's WA Senate candidate.

The comments from Clive Palmer probably don't change too much the prospect of PUP voting against any proposal to reduce the RET.

But they do highlight that the government will face a large and unpredictable roadblock if it tries to cut the RET following the Western Australian Senate election.

March 19th:

The Victorian Wind Alliance today welcomed the commitment of the Palmer United Party that the Renewable Energy Target “should remain as is”. As the party that is likely to hold the most cross-bench seats in the Senate after July 1, PUP’s position on the Renewable Energy Target will be crucial in deciding the future of the legislation, which is currently under government review.

“This show of support from Clive Palmer demonstrates that renewable energy is something we can all get behind,” said Andrew Bray, State Coordinator with the Victorian Wind Alliance.

“We’re delighted to see this key player in the next Senate will be standing against cuts to the successful Renewable Energy Target scheme. 

“Going backwards on renewable energy is clearly not in Australia’s interests or in the interests of South West Victoria where wind energy is delivering jobs and boosting the local economy.

“Clean wind energy guards consumers against power prices hikes by reducing our exposure to the swiftly-rising price of gas.

Mr Palmer’s support contrasts with indications from some government MPs that the RET should be reduced or even cut altogether.

“This should be a wake-up call to those in the government that going backwards on renewable energy makes no sense.

“We know there are many people in Dan Tehan’s electorate who are contacting him to ask that he stand firm on the RET and resist calls to make cuts to the target.

“Mr Tehan is a supporter of the Renewable Energy Target and we would love to see him commit to keeping the RET ‘as is’.”

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