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New South Wales climate target will boost state’s economy

Federal government left behind on clean energy and climate

New South Wales’ new climate goals secure much-needed jobs and investment in the state, the Australian Wind Alliance says. 

The NSW Government today unveiled an ambitious plan to make the state carbon neutral by 2050, with $500 million to be spent on renewable energy projects to help get there. 

Australian Wind Alliance national co-ordinator Andrew Bray says it’s a smart move. 

“Tackling climate change brings with it jobs and investment, and it is what people living in New South Wales want,” he says.  

Modelling shows New South Wales will gain more than 11,000 jobs if the country transitions away from fossil fuel-based energy.

“Today’s announcement will help NSW secure its share of the billions of dollars that will flow from cleaning up Australia’s energy system.

“Wind energy will play a huge role in this transition – it’s pushing down power prices, and wind farms are overwhelmingly popular (81 per cent of New South Wales residents support wind farms[1]).”

Mr Bray says NSW has lagged behind all the other states when it comes to clean energy, sourcing barely half of what its neighbour Victoria does. 

“It is important that this aspirational target is backed up by a solid policy framework and we look forward to seeing this developed with a sense of urgency in coming months."

He said the NSW target leaves the Federal Government hopelessly behind the states on clean energy and climate change.  

“The Turnbull Government is now the odd one out with inadequate climate targets and a renewable energy policy that expires in just three years’ time,” Mr Bray said.

“The Federal Government should follow the states’ lead and commit to growing clean energy beyond 2020.”  

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Photo:Cullerin Range wind farm in the NSW southern tablelands.
Credit ABC

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