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New Portland wind farm great for regional Victoria as dark clouds loom for renewable investment

Thursday 12/9/2013

CapeNelson37.jpegThe Victorian Wind Alliance has warmly welcomed today’s announcement that the CEFC will provide a $70 million loan to the Portland wind farm, which will create jobs, local investment and income for farmers.

Yet similar wind energy projects face a bleaker outlook given the new coalition government's commitment to remove the enabling Clean Energy Finance Corporation who made the Portland Wind Farm possible.

Alliance Spokesman, Andrew Bray said that the new wind farm would not have been possible without the investment from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

“This is really great news for farmers in Portland who will benefit from having wind turbines on their properties.

“It will also benefit the local community, who will see work coming in for local businesses and local contractors.


“The wind farm will be welcome news to the state’s manufacturing sector, given all the steel for the towers will be sourced locally thanks to Pacific Hydro’s local procurement policy.

“However all of these benefits could soon dry up, given the commitment from the coalition to abolish the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

“Because of the coalition's commitment to abolish the investment bank, farmers will be denied a secure income from their properties.

 “The coalition’s policy will see jobs lost in manufacturing, as we lose this tremendous growth industry, which is worth around $6 trillion globally. 

“The coalition’s policy will also see millions taken out of regional communities, as wind companies are simply unable to get the financial backing they need.

“The coalition came to power claiming they’re open for business.

“Sadly, the reality seems somewhat more selective.

“This is a great day for the people of Portland.

“We hope it is not the last of the investment in regional communities, the last of the renewable energy manufacturing opportunities and the last of the income for farmers on their property.

“Renewable energy needs the same support that other growth industries in the national interest needs – we need leadership and we need the capacity to fund the projects that benefit farmers, regional communities and manufacturers,” said Mr Bray.


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