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MEDIA RELEASE: New poll shows wind energy still a winner with community

Essential ResearchNew research released today by Essential Media Communications shows that wind energy continues to enjoy overwhelming popular support amongst the community with over 75% of respondents saying they supported the building of wind farms in Australia. Only 11% said they were opposed. Support was over 70% across all demographic groups

"This research is a reminder that the public overwhelmingly supports wind power, no matter which side of the politic fence they're on," said Andrew Bray, VicWind State Coordinator

"The research also shows that the public aren't swallowing the misleading claims put around by anti-wind campaigners like the Waubra Foundation and Landscape Guardians groups.

Among Coalition voters, support for wind farms remained strong with support at 71% and only 15% opposed.

"At a state level, its raises questions about why the Coalition is hanging onto planning laws that make it so hard to build wind farms, even when their own supporters want to see wind thrive in Victoria.

"This should be a wake up call for Premier Denis Napthine that wind power is still very popular with the electorate. Sticking with Ted Baillieu's anti-wind planning laws will win him very few friends.

The example of the Macarthur and Oaklands Hill Wind Farms show that wind injects significant income into local economies with the two projects boosting regional gross product for South West Victoria by $67 million.

"Wind power is the most cost-effective source of large-scale renewable energy.  We should be embracing it in Victoria to deliver jobs, investment and tangible economic benefits to regional areas like Ballarat."


About VicWind.

VicWind is a non-profit organisation representing wind workers, wind farmers and the millions of Victorians who want to see more clean energy. 

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