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MEDIA RELEASE: Expert review gives clean bill of health to wind farms

Tuesday 25 February

The Victorian Wind Alliance today welcomed the release of the National Health and Medical Research Council’s draft Information Paper and its finding that no credible evidence exists to support claims of ill health effects from wind farms.

“These are rigorous findings that will give confidence to communities living near wind farms that there is no danger to their health,” said Andrew Bray, State Coordinator of VicWind.

“This is the twentieth comprehensive review of evidence around the world and each one has given wind farms a clean bill of health.

“After twenty reviews have failed to find credible evidence of health effects from wind farms, surely we’ve reached the point where we accept that wind farms are safe.

“These findings reassure communities looking for jobs and investment from wind farms that they need have no worry for their health.

The NHMRC gave little weight to what they described as “consistent but poor quality evidence” that proximity to wind farms was associated with annoyance and other problems and found no evidence to link these to wind farms. The council stipulated that any further research trying to establish this link should be “of the highest quality”.

“While we should remain open to new findings, we should also be careful of spending precious health research funds when the evidence of problems is so insubstantial.

“The health catastrophe engulfing the town of Morwell right now should give some perspective to this announcement.

“While they are handing out face masks in Morwell because of ash and smoke from the Hazelwood coal mine fire, it’s hard to see why we should be chasing at shadows around wind farms.

“We need to be embracing clean, safe wind energy to clean up our energy supply,'" concluded Mr Bray.

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