Australian Wind Alliance

Macarthur Wind Farm Open Day

Angela_talking_to_new_members.JPGVicWind joined in when the Southern hemisphere’s biggest wind farm at Macarthur was opened up to visitors on Saturday, October 12.

People were able to ride their own mountain bikes around the dirt roads of the farm, or have a tour of the operations centre and the base of an operating wind tower.

The day was organized by the Warrnambool Mountain Bike Club and wind farm operator, AGL, and a barbecue and other activities helped raise funds to support the bid for a cancer treatment centre in nearby city, Warrnambool.

The open day was a great way to showcase wind energy to outdoors enthusiasts, and a number of other attendees just enjoyed the chance to visit the wind farm for the first time, without having to get on their bikes.

VicWind also received plenty of positive comments about the wind farm and the need to promote what wind energy was doing for the world.

If you'd like to find out more about a tour of the Macarthur Wind Farm we're planning, write to us

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