Australian Wind Alliance

Luke Osborne

Luke has been a leading voice in the wind energy industry for over a decade. He entered the industry as a landholder (a number of Capital Wind Farm's turbines are on his family property "Ellendon") and subsequently played a leading role in the growth of Canberra based wind energy company Windlab. He was Chief Operating Officer at Windlab which is now one of Australia’s most successful renewable energy companies with operations in Australia, North America and Africa.

He has been an advocate for the industry, frequently defending it in print, radio and television - most notably with the creation of 'George the Bull' who challenged Joe Hockey to a bull fight in 2014.

His unique perspective on the industry has lead him to become a strong voice for improved wind energy development models. He argues that wind energy needs to evolve to be more inclusive of neighbouring landholders if it is to thrive in Australia. In 2013 he stepped down from the COO position at Windlab to lead the development of the Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm, which includes neighbours as shareholders. The project was the first to receive development approval in over 2 years in Victoria, was developed in just 6 months, and attained the lowest ever renewable energy price in Australia. The output was purchased by the Australian Capital Territory.

In 2013 Luke joined the board and executive team at Reposit, a start up company seeking to employ home batteries en mass in the wholesale energy markets. This technology allows wind and solar to work in a complementary fashion to deliver affordable and reliable power.

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