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Media gets behind the fight for Waubra's name

"If a town's residents object to it's name being used, should that be respected by those using it? I think many in Waubra would say yes."

20131122_Pyrenees_Advocate_-_Waubra_editorial.jpgYou know you're on to a good thing when the local newspapers get behind you.

But you know it's really catching on when that support moves up to the Herald Sun.

Yesterday's Herald Sun opinion piece from Weekly Times editor, Ed Gannon, explained to readers all over Victoria why the community of Waubra want their name back from the foundation that fraudulently uses their name for their own anti-wind campaign.

This follows on from support in Waubra's local papers - the Ballarat Courier and the Pyrenees Advocate - and the statewide rural newspaper, the Weekly Times.

The ball's now in the foundation's court. Will they respect the wishes of the community or give them the two-fingered salute?

Pyrenees Advocate (22 Nov, 2013)

"I personally think the name 'Waubra Foundation' is a slur on a good country community... The continued use of the name 'Waubra Foundation' is bad for the town of Waubra, it labels its residents as being sick when most aren't"

"A name change would create a lot of good will in what is often a heated debate about wind turbines around Waubra."

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Ballarat Courier (18 Nov, 2013)

20131118_Courier_Henderson_crop.jpg"Let's hope common sense prevails and the foundation agrees to change its name to something that still has a meaningful link to its research but doesn't put the focus on one small town

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The Weekly Times (4 Dec, 2013)

20131204_TWT_Pearce_crop.jpg"Waubra residents have every right to be fed up. Having what is a predominantly anti-wind farm organisation using Waubra's name to help fight its battles is unfair."

"It would serve the group well to drop Waubra from its name."

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