Australian Wind Alliance

IPCC report shows importance of investing in wind power

The Victorian Wind Alliance has said that Victoria is at risk from under-investment in wind energy, as the new IPCC report shows that failing to decarbonise our economy will have serious economic impacts.

Andrew Bray, the VicWind spokesman, said that the IPCC report has made it clear there will be profound impacts of failing to invest more in renewables like wind power.

He said there are also tremendous benefits for regional Victorian communities that continue to roll out wind farms – including benefits to employment, income and investment for regional Victoria.

“We're facing a changing planet due to climate change. This will have profound impacts on our economy,” Mr Bray said.

“Agriculture and the weather will be less certain under a world impacted by climate change.

“Wind farms don't just help protect the climate, they offer security within Victorian communities, offering farmers confidence in their income from their property. 

“At times like these, of great environmental and economic uncertainty, it is important that we invest adequately in wind and other clean energy.

“Currently in Victoria, Baillieu’s anti wind laws are blocking the roll out of further wind farms. Only two have been approved since these laws came into effect.

“Farmers are being denied a fair income because of the state government’s policy.

“Australians are being denied a proper response to the serious challenges we all face and the huge economic benefits that come with a transition to clean energy.  

"The federal government's official policy is to stick their head in the sand and hope the problems go away. 

“It is disappointing that the state government is making it harder to respond to climate change, and realise the economic benefits that can come with it.

“Wind farms need support, investment and acknowledgement that they're in the best interests of people, the environment and the economy.

“Otherwise, we’re simply cutting off our nose to spite our face,” Mr Bray said.

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