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Hope for NSW

Rob_Stokes_NSW_Planning_Minister.jpegThings are looking up for wind farm planning in New South Wales, with four wind farm compliance checks completed only six weeks into the government's new term, signalling an easing of planning complexity.

The NSW Planning and Environment website has up to date information from its compliance team giving the “all clear” to four wind farms in the Southern Tablelands - Woodlawn, Cullerin, Taralga and Capital Wind farms. This on the ground audit of visual amenity commitments included meetings with neighbours of all four wind farms.

Here is a quote from a Departmental spokesperson to the Goulburn Post on May 11:

“The four wind farms we examined were following the rules and complying with their approval conditions,” a spokesperson said. “It is encouraging that such good work is being carried out by the wind farms to manage any impact on their neighbours, which is part of building community trust in the industry.”

It's important for local communities to feel confident that wind farms are operating within their permitted conditions and the fact that the Planning department is taking a proactive approach to ensuring this is very welcome. It is early days yet but it is refreshing to see some genuine leadership after the confused and some would say, partisan approach of the previous Minister Ms Pru Goward.

Mr Stokes is also putting the case for a comprehensive approach to the approval and monitoring of large scale mining and energy projects. Society, economy and environment are set to be recognised as equal planning drivers.  

NSW AWA supporters are encouraged to keep up the support for wind farm investment in regional NSW.

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