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Hamilton rallies for Renewables!

Hamilton_crowd_med.jpgEighty renewable energy supporters from across South West Victoria gathered in Hamilton today to call on the government to protect wind and solar jobs and leave the Renewable Energy Target (RET) alone.

One of over a dozen rallies taking place at government MP’s offices around the country, the rally heard from a range of speakers.

Building on the advocacy of the Mayors of Ararat Rural City, Northern Grampians and Pyrenees Shire, Mayor of Moyne Shire, James Purcell told the crowd of the many advantages wind energy had brought to his Shire.

20140926_james.jpg“The Renewable Energy Target is critical for the South West, providing hundreds of direct jobs in manufacturing, civil construction and services as well as bringing money onto farms and driving economic activity in the wind districts,” said Mayor Purcell.

“Renewables are a long term support for Moyne Shire’s rates base, already providing $1 million annually.

“If the Target is left as it is, Moyne will be well placed to continue doing the work our ratepayers expect of us on roads and local services.

“I personally support renewable energy for all those reasons but also because I firmly believe it is the right thing to do,” concluded Mayor Purcell.


Merino solar installer, Ricky Lane, also had a few words to say.

“Solar and renewable energy is the way of the future and I’m just pleased to be able to make a living in an industry that’s right for the future.”

“The coal industry is fighting a losing battle. I mean, would we listen to the carrier pigeons tell us we should stay away from the internet?”

The rally walked to the office of local MP, Dan Tehan, and with the help of young Shelby presented a letter signed by the participants, calling on him to “protect the Renewable Energy Target in full”. This crowd wasn't ready to accept anything less than full support for the Renewable Energy Target - with no cuts.



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