Australian Wind Alliance

Gas prices to triple, state government continues to block wind energy

The Victorian Wind Alliance has expressed concerns over reports gas prices will triple, while state governments make it harder to invest in renewables.

Spokesman Andrew Bray said that now that Australia has the capacity to liquefy and export natural gas, reports show that gas prices for Australians will triple. 

“Australia’s gas prices are going to triple in less than twelve months, as we start paying the international price.

“For renewables, the costs are decreasing every year. Wind power is now cheaper than fossil fuel generated power in South Australia and solar is highly competitive in other states.

“With gas prices increasing steeply for consumers and businesses, it is time we stop making ridiculous arguments about wind energy.

"We have two options for new power generation - wind and gas. The price for wind is decreasing each year and the price for gas will spiral. 
"If we want cheaper energy, wind energy is the clear choice.

“Wind energy needs leadership.

“However in Victoria, we’ve got the situation where the government is prepared to put the interests of big business and the fossil fuel industry above the interests of wind farmers, consumers and business.

“In Victoria, we've seen two new wind projects totalling a tiny eight turbines approved since the Liberal Government came to power.

“The rest of the world is moving toward more renewable power, but Australia has its head in the sand.

“It's amazing that after an election fought on the issue of power prices, we’re now all going to have to suffer massive increases in power prices because some companies want to profit massively.

“If you want cheap, reliable and renewable energy, you’ve got to back in wind power.

“Favouring gas over wind will see us pay more for power, increase the cost of doing business, reduce Australia’s competitiveness and make it harder for people to afford the cost of living – and keep contributing to more extreme weather.

“Wind energy supports farmers to make an income from their land, it supports jobs in manufacturing and it provides investment to communities.

“The Victorian Government must now stand up for the rights of all Victorians and increase the roll out of wind energy, remove the 2km setbacks and the arbitrary exclusion zones”, said Mr Bray.

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