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"Waubra is ours, not Laurie's"

WaubraCommunityPetition_sml.jpgWell, now it's getting a bit silly.

The Australian Medical Association recently issued a position statement giving wind farms a clean bill of health and warning that 'health scares' about wind farms may increase anxiety and community division. Not before time.

But rather than accept that the AMA may know what they're talking about, "Waubra" Foundation's CEO Sarah Laurie saw red.

She fired off an overheated and gigantic 5000-word letter which demanded answers from the AMA to no less than 50 questions.

Questions like "Do any of you realize that the wind changes direction constantly?" will give you a sense of the condescending tone this unregistered doctor chose to use with the peak body for medical practitioners in Australia.

The people who live in the actual town of Waubra have had to put up with a bit over the years, with the foundation criss-crossing the countryside and giving the impression that they somehow speak for the people of Waubra.

But this moment really took the cake and spurred Waubra resident Karen Molloy to express her displeasure in this letter to the Ballarat Courier, making a few good points along the way about the strength of the actual Waubra community.

The letter was published there on Friday, 21st March and again in the Pyrenees Advocate and Weekly Times.

A couple of the headlines were "Waubra is ours, not Laurie's" and "Face the Facts, Ms Laurie"

It’s very frustrating to see Sarah Laurie carrying on using the name of my town, Waubra, in her latest public statements.

Last year, a clear majority of the Waubra community petitioned the foundation she leads to drop our name. Rather than showing us some respect, the foundation’s directors thumbed their nose at us.

Ms Laurie’s refusal to accept the evidence about wind farms and health from a well-respected body like the Australian Medical Association has nothing to do with what Waubra is about.

Last Friday, we organised 180 people to attend a comedy fundraising night for the Waubra Community Hub.  This is a facility used by many different user groups within Waubra for sporting events, social gatherings and is a great place to come and talk about our great town.

This is the kind of thing we want people to know Waubra for, not a pig-headed campaign that refuses to accept expert evidence.

If Ms Laurie wants evidence, maybe she should come and actually visit Waubra and find out for herself.

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