Australian Wind Alliance

The liberal will

It seems that the liberal govmnt will oppose every green initiative set up so far. This is because in essence it cannot afford their to be a crisis in climate and so must cling tightly to a policy of denial. Any external spanner in the works simply wont rub with the methods used and there is a long precedent. The new government's commitment to remove the enabling Clean Energy Finance Corporation who made the Portland Wind Farm possible is one of the first examples.
Next it will dare the market to go it alone and only then after it has fought tooth and nail to obstruct all initiative and innovation, while giving the the fledgling industry nothing, (even though it is a potential jobs goldmine???) will a natural market mechanism finally come into being (years behind). 
But there will be a price to pay,  Do they seriously expect the opposition to 'respect a supposed mandate and agree to cutting the price on carbon??. Both Brendon Nelson and Turbull both acknowledged labors mandate to have one in 07 but Abbot ended all three.!
So they are saying go ahead market make my day, but I'm going to throw everything in the book at you because we are the party of negativity toward any hope for the outer and natural world.. Why? Because the inner is incomparable with the outer.. (But only in a small minded world)

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