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people_taryn.jpgI am one of the five members of the Management Committee of VicWind and I am proud to declare our little website launched!

We will be reaching out to people in communities around Victoria, putting on our own events in coming months and attending community events.

The website is a place for constructive conversations, news about wind, quality information and a community that you can be involved in.


We started our Twitter life in October 2012, as @VicWindAll. If you follow us, we promise to follow you back!

Our story

VicWind, the Victorian Wind Alliance, has been more than 18 months in the making, if you go right back to the first meetings in 2011 between Victorian community groups and businesses.

Victoria has one of the best wind resources in the world and a state government that has declared its support for the wind industry and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. So we should all be happy, right?


Victoria's wind industry is being held back, by a state planning policy that is very badly designed. It is making it impossible for the wind industry to reach its full potential.

This means that instead of healthy, renewable energy, Victorians will continue to rely on burning dirty, brown coal, which is one of the most polluting fuels for electricity generation in the world.

Communities, businesses and individuals in Victoria want us to join the global race to a clean energy future. This will mean more jobs, smarter technology and lower emissions.

Over the next few months, the Management Committee will work on plans to raise funds for VicWind, employ a State Manager and build our Alliance.

The goals of the organisation, written into our Constitution, are to contribute to the protection and enhancement of both the local and global environment by:

(i)  promoting the utilisation of wind energy generation in Australia

(ii)  educating individuals and the commercial and public sectors about wind energy generation

(iii)  representing the broad base of Australians who are supportive of wind energy generation

(iv)  encouraging the development and implementation of policy 

What do you think of our goals?

Do they inspire you to join us, to help clean up the environment, with wind power?

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