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Politics trumps renewables. Australians get NEGged again

What can we say. We’d be shocked if we hadn’t been hearing the same ideological spin for so long.

Having commissioned the exhaustive Finkel review that identified more renewables as the solution to our energy woes, the Prime Minister has trashed 12 months of work and consultation and dumped its central recommendation - a Clean Energy Target. In it’s place is a plan that does two things - firstly, it removes incentives for investment in renewable energy and secondly, it throws a lifeline to dirty, unreliable coal plants that need to be closed.

A 28% “Clean” Energy Target will fail, Frydenberg told.

Some people, it seems, just can’t get over coal, no matter what the cost.

When the Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, recommended the government adopt a Clean Energy Target the cry went up from coal-lovers in their party - give us more coal!

That’s why the Australian Wind Alliance joined with 13 other environmental and social justice organisations to call on Minister Frydenberg to stand up to those dinosaurs and make sure there was no room for new coal in their Clean Energy Target.

Engaging communities in the renewable New England

The Australian Wind Alliance visited the New England Region in June to find out how things are progressing with the White Rock and Sapphire Wind Farms.

We met with lots of people and talked farms, communities and wind energy - making the mix work.

Wind winning the price race

In the market to replace some retiring coal-fired plants? And price is important? Well, try a wind farm. They are the answer to rising power prices around the country.

This is a short summary we prepared to make sure the facts are on the table.

Recent wind farm contracts have been written to supply power at $55 and $65 per megawatt hour. That's the cheapest power you can buy in Australia right now.

Surely they're not fair dinkum?

PopeCCS_CEFC.PNGThe biggest question facing Australia’s households and businesses right now is how to stop spiralling power bills and how to make sure we continue to have reliable power as we move towards a zero carbon grid.

If the Turnbull government’s push to get the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to fund Carbon Capture and Storage addressed either of these issues you might think they were fair dinkum.

Pardon my political correctness



There are plenty of reasons why nuclear power is a pretty poor choice to power our country but apparently it's politically correct to point them out.

Ah well, pardon my political correctness!

Here's our letter in response to their Editorial, reproduced here as the chances of the Tele printing it are pretty slim...


Community show of support at Rye Park Wind Farm PAC

In a bit of a first, half of the speakers at the planning hearing for the Rye Park Wind Farm lined up to speak in favour of the project that they think will bring

The Australian Wind Alliance NSW Organiser Charlie Prell spoke on behalf of the AWA when attended the Rye Park Wind Farm Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) hearing held in Boorowa on March 30. He  also supported the 20 other speakers who spoke in favour of the wind farm at the hearing.

Here’s what he had to say about the day:

Wind, solar + storage cheaper than gas and coal

Incredible falls in the cost of renewables have continued this year, making a strong transition to clean energy a no-brainer. The cost of wind and solar energy has fallen so much they are now out-competing gas and coal, and experts are saying that will price gas out as a transition fuel.

Wind power sailing ahead in 2017

2017 promises to be huge year for the wind industry, with 14 wind farms, 1.6 gigawatts capacity and more than $3.6 billion of investment either under construction, or due to begin construction. Together these projects have created 1,605 jobs.

Further projects are likely to be announced in the coming months.

'We did this together'

Søren Hermansen, a farmer and community energy expert from a small Danish island, has been travelling around Australia speaking with communities about how to switch to 100% renewable energy. The Australian Wind Alliance’s Andrew Bray listened in on a talk in Inverell in the New England tablelands to pick up some hot tips on how communities can lead the way on energy transition in Australia.

According to Hermansen community ownership, local innovation, and government leadership were key ingredients in the successful transition to 100% renewables in his home town on Samsø Island. While the transition proposal was initially met with concern by some members of his community, plans to share the benefits and create local economies eventually saw wide spread support and engagement.

“We did this together” is the general attitude says Hermansen.

Read more about the Samsø experience in Andrew's opinion piece here.


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