Australian Wind Alliance

Strengthen Renewable Energy!

With our endless supplies of wind and sun, Australia has what it takes to be a clean energy powerhouse, creating jobs in new industries and boosting regional economies.

We have a bipartisan target for new wind farms and household solar that we are on track to achieve by 2020. 

Now this target is under review and with big energy companies calling for cuts, there is a real danger the target could be slashed. Even though wind and solar power are incredibly popular with Australians, our politicians could vote to stop the growth of clean, renewable power.

Can you sign this petition to the Prime Minister to tell him you want to increase renewable energy, not go backwards?

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To the Prime Minister,

The Renewable Energy Target has been remarkably successful in building clean wind energy throughout regional Australia. With bipartisan support, it has driven over $18 billion of investment thousands of jobs, delivering community benefits and bolstering rural economies.

Clean wind energy guards Australian consumers against the risk of power price rises. It cuts the wholesale cost of power and reduces our exposure to the swiftly-rising price of gas. In South Australia, wind supplies over 25% of total electricity demand. 

We urge the government to strengthen the Renewable Energy Target to ensure it continues to deliver for all Australians: 

  • Retain the fixed 41,000 gigawatt hour by 2020 target
  • Remove the uncertainty of biennial reviews
  • Set a clear and ambitious target to increase renewable generation beyond 2020

Prime Minister, we support wind energy and we urge you to do so too.