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A decision for his grandson’s future

Graeme Maconachie wants to know that his grandchildren have a future on this planet, so after a lot of research and agonising, the second-generation central Victorian farmer agreed to host five wind towers.

The decision to become a part of the 35-tower Pacific Hydro Challicum Hills project more than a decade ago was one the plain-speaking 62-year-old has never regretted.

Graeme’s shared his story in a short film to let others know that wind farms can make a difference now and in the future.

He’s pleased to see the eagle’s nest that his father showed him as a child continues to be used nine years after the wind turbines were installed.

And he believes he’s making a difference to children like his grandson Archer by helping generate renewable energy.

“We’re playing with those little kids’ future, and wouldn’t it be terrible to turn around and say (in 25 years), well sorry, we’ve screwed the whole future up. I had to be convinced that interfering with this environment was the right thing to do, and I am now.”

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