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A champion of wind doing it for his family

Jon_Wilson_Shinyverse_InRealLife_CH1-06_Source_MidRes.pngWith the state really starting to heat up, it’s perhaps not surprising that VicWind’s 3000th Facebook supporter has a keen interest in climate change and clean energy solutions like wind power.

Melbourne IT professional and graphic artist Jonathan Wilson said he was keen to be informed about a technology that could help reduce the impact of climate change on our planet.

Being a young father means climate change is important to him.

“When my son asks, ‘What did you do about climate change?’ I want to say a bit more than ‘I didn’t do anything.’”

“Linking in with VicWind was a natural result of my desire for real change. I’ve been interested in energy generation for quite some time and in my opinion it’s where the conversation on global warming needs to start. The potential for green technologies is enormous, and VicWind seems like a strong grassroots organization that can drive this agenda forward. So I hope we can convince Canberra to really do something. ” he said.

Jonathan said he had become disgruntled with Australian politics, as the evidence is clear that climate change is real, that wind farms do not cause health problems, and that scientific support of these findings is overwhelming. However, he’s frustrated because both sides of politics don’t seem to share the scientific consensus, and don’t seem to want to make any real progress towards investing in green technologies.

In his opinion, “Our politics needs to match our science. There needs to be ongoing bipartisan support to prevent further climate change; we need to fix the problem now, while we still can.”

To that end, Jonathan’s personal Facebook page has become a way of reaching out to family and friends and discussing the topic. “It’s always easier to convince your own family and friends than people you don’t know, so I’ve started there for now. I’m starting to push the agenda a bit more, because if only one in 100 people managed to convince their family or friends, then that’s a lot of people.”

You’ve come to the right place, Jonathan!

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