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Dramatic News!

Dramatic news have reached us from several key markets:

The US installed only a single turbine or 1,6 MEGAwatt of new wind capacity in the first half of 2013, after 13'000 Megawatt in the year 2012.

Spain has obviously no intention to revive its wind sector, and Ontario, once the American pioneer in the introduction of a feed-in tariff, is about to give up its effective support for major wind farms.

Also China has indicated that the growth in the country will be robust, however, again significantly lower than in 2012.

The European Commission seems to prepare a very broad attack on national support schemes for renewable energy, in particular feed-in tariffs, while at the same time some European countries are introducing new subsidies for nuclear power, like a feed-in tariff in the UK which would be substantially higher than that for wind power.

Such decisions would be against all ethical standards and even simply rational thinking in the sense of best decisions for our societies, but they are about to happen.

What we can learn from this:

The worldwide shift towards renewable energy and in particular the key role of wind power is not yet a done deal. We still need to push strongly in order to get the necessary political frameworks that wind power needs to be deployed.

Wind power doesn't need subsidies, it simply needs fair market conditions.

And the battle to achieve this has actually just started!

(Stefan Gsänger
Secretary General
World Wind Energy Association)

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